Avoid dry eyes in Roatan


Roatan is a beautiful place. An island in the caribbean, with tropical weather, beautiful beaches, where the sun is always shinning and outdoor activities is what we like to do the most. This is why tears can be inadequate and unstable for many reasons, starting with the environment. We have strong winds, intense sunlight, saltiness in the air, some might be exposed to dirt, smoke and most of the people do not use sunglasses with proper UV protection.

Dry eyes is a very uncomfortable and common condition in Roatan. It happens when your tears aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication to your eyes that can lead to inflammation and damage the eye’s surface. After 50, tear production tends to diminish as you get older.

dry eyes means you don’t have a healthy tear film. it can be cause for a lot of reasons. Your tear film is made up of three layers: fatty oils, aqueous fluid and mucus. Problems with any of these layers can cause dry eyes.

Symptoms might include:

  • Inflammation and pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Burning and scratchy sensation.

The tear film keeps the surface refractively smooth and optically to the cornea, which is essential for a sharp visual image. It has to be stable so that it remains continuous between consecutive blinks and it has to be able to repair itself. A normal, continuous tear film also plays an important role in protecting and maintaining the well-being of the corneal surface and provides adequate lubrication for the eyelids without the superficial lipid layer.

The tear film is a minimal but essential part of the anterior segment of the eye.

Sometimes you don’t produce enough tears or produce poor-quality tears and thus evaporates faster. You may experience dry eyes in certain situations, like when using a computer, in a room with air conditioning, spending to much time outdoors or in a very dry environment.

People who wear contact lenses or have had lasik refractive surgery tend to develop chronic dry eyes.

If you have dry eyes, your eyes may sting or burn. You may experience some discomfort in certain situations, such as on an airplane, in an air-conditioned room, while riding a bike or after looking at a computer screen for a few hours. This is why you might have do to some changes in your lifestlye.

Reasons for tear film dysfunction include hormone changes, inflamed eyelid glands, autoimmune disease or allergies. For some people, the cause of dry eyes is decreased tear production related to age or increased tear evaporation.

Some medications, including decongestants, hormone replacement therapy, antihistamines, antidepressants, and drugs for high blood pressure, acne, birth control and Parkinson’s disease can trigger dry eyes.

Dry eyes are also related to some medical conditions including Sjogren’s syndrome, allergic eye disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, graft vs. host disease, sarcoidosis, thyroid disorders or vitamin A deficiency.

In women, dry eyes are linked to hormonal changes like menopause.

Complication may occur if dry eyes are not treated:

  • Eye infections
  • Damage to the cornea
  • Decrease quality of life.

Sometimes, dry eyes create excessive tearing. This condition is called reflex tearing. It happens because the lack of moisture irritates your eye. It;s a distress signal in your nervous system asking for more lubrication. Your body sends a flood of tears to try to make up for the dryness.

Tips to help prevent dry eyes:

  • Be aware of your environment.
  • Use high quality lubricant eye drops and ointment regularly.
  • Avoid blowing air into your eyes.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Use sunglasses outdoors.
  • Add moisture tu air with a humidifier.

A healthy lubricated surface in your eyes, gives you a smooth and clear vision.

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