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Presbyopia – When the eyes start to take their toll.

If you’re around 40 years of age and are having trouble reading, it means you’re old… Just kidding!

In all seriousness, you will surely begin to experience blurred vision closely at the time of reading. You will feel the need to accommodate with your hand and the length of your arm, the book or paper that you are about to read.

Presbyopia is a natural physiological process of the eye that happens around 40 – 45 years. It is in this stage of life, where the inner lens of the eye (crystalline), loses its natural flexibility, due to the progression of age, and as a result, increases its rigidity progressively until reaching 60 years of age. It is this rigidity that affects the accommodative process of the eye. For example, when we see a distant object and then we see the messages of our cell phone and it takes time to focus the vision.

Presbyopia is completely natural and absolutely everyone will go through it regardless of whether you wanted or not, and the best solution for presbyopia is the use of monofocal readers, bifocal or progressive lenses. If you want to know more about these lenses, we recommend that you visit our blog that talks about these types of lenses and their use.

In other words, go get you reading glasses.

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