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What is Pterygium?

It is a fleshy tissue that forms on the exterior part of the eye and grows over time due to burning, redness, prolonged exposure to the sun and dust.

How is the Pterygium treated?
The ophthalmological medical treatment for the pterygium is treated in the beginning with the use of lubricating drops. When the person with advanced pterygium has a lot of discomfort and the size invades the pupillary area, preventing vision, it is necessary to perform surgery.

The ophthalmologist is the only specialist doctor who can perform this operation using local anesthesia.

Autograft surgery is the technique with the best results, it has a 90% chance that it will not grow back. The procedure time is between 20 - 30 minutes and is an outpatient surgery with a recovery time of one to two weeks.

The autograft technique means that a small portion of the conjunctiva will be placed at the site where the pterygium is excised, avoiding future growths.


In case you happen to be exposed to the outdoors. Use lubricating drops frequently and sunglasses, accompanied by a cap, preventing these factors from harming the health of your eyes. As well as, an annual visit to the ophthalmologist for a general checkup of your eyes.

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