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Surely you have ever heard someone say the words myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism or you might have visited the ophthalmologist or the optometrist because you have experienced blurred vision because of lack of glasses. If so, here are the refractive errors that make us look blurred either from far or near.

Refractive errors are hereditary and are common visual defects in the eyes of some people, which are corrected by the use of graduated lenses.


People with myopia have the eye longer than normal and, consequently, light rays converge before reaching the retina. As a result of this, myopic people have difficulty seeing from afar.


People with farsightedness have their eyes narrower than normal. That means that the rays of light that enter through the pupil are focused behind the retina, making it difficult for close vision.


People with astigmatism have an irregular cornea, which causes the rays of light to be projected at several points. As a result of this, their vision is more complex, as they may have blurred and distorted vision from far and near.

If you wear glasses it is important that you know and understand your refractive error as well as the power of graduation that you use in each of your eyes, for a better knowledge and understanding of your visual health and eye care.

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